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About Us

About Us

Thank you for visiting our new and improved website, where you can access the largest inventory of passenger ships in Bangladesh. is a completely digitized ticketing portal for launch passengers in Bangladesh. Passengers can easily book tickets with confidence and your ticket will be emailed or SMSed to you through your mobile phone. Once you take your reference number to the ship you are traveling in, you will be allowed into your seat or cabin, hassle free. No lines, no haggling, no inconvenience. The best part about this whole thing? No cash transactions either. Our service is completely safe, reliable, and future-forward.


Our goal is to provide an easy online ticketing solution to customers looking to travel using launches and steamers along Bangladesh’s waterways. Our aim is to improve the lives of the sixty five thousand daily passengers in Sadarghat who queue up for hours everyday to purchase one ticket. We have experienced this first hand and it is a problem we are well equipped to tackle and overcome.


Our long term goals include attempting to digitize and systematize the ticketing process in the launch industry, a market where consumers have long been susceptiple to haggling for tickets and general inconvenience. We will do our utmost to provide you with the tickers you need in a convenient manner. Rest assured you don’t have to wait in line when you buy a ticket from Thank you for your support and belief in us!

Meet the Backbones:

Rifat Khandaker, Owner and Managing Director:

As a Young Entrepreneur, Mr Rifat Khandaker was always seeking opportunities in businesses that would cultivate social impact in his country. He is currently involved in various Techno projects in Energy, Irrigation & Agriculture sector. He has worked for and with a plethora of IT firms both local and international including Microsoft, Emerson, AEG, APC, Computer Source Limited, General Electric etc. He has experience consulting and negotiating business deals with MNCs and as Strategic Brand Head; he has strategized and deployed several marketing campaigns in their digital marketing department. Mr. Khandaker is a talented entrepreneur who wants to make a tangible social impact in Bangladesh and when presented with by Mr. Mahbub, he was delighted to take on the challenge of successfully implementing and expanding the brand in the market and making the journey safe and easy.

Arneeb Mahbub, Founder and Former Managing Director:

As a founder of, Mr. Arneeb Mahbub came with this idea in 2013 as he was purchasing a movie ticket online in Toronto. When a patron buys a movie ticket online he/she has the option of printing the ticket and/or bringing a picture of the reference code to the ticket counter upon or before entering the theatre. This process is smooth and completely circumvents standing in a line. Mr. Mahbub wondered if the same "reference for ticket" approach could be replicated in Bangladesh for the passenger shipping industry for passengers who waste hours in line queuing up for a ticket. He believed there was untapped potential in this market. Immediately upon his return to Bangladesh in 2014, began building the website.

Available Launch Routes

  • Dhaka - Barishal
  • Dhaka - Barishal(Local)
  • Dhaka - Chandpur
  • Dhaka - Amtoli via Chandpur
  • Dhaka - Matlab
  • Dhaka - Dosmina
  • Dhaka - Muladibazar
  • Dhaka - Eidgha Farighat via Chandpur
  • Dhaka - Potuakhali
  • Dhaka - Potuakhali(local)
  • Dhaka - Charvoirabi-Haimochor-Nilkomol
  • Dhaka - Lalmohan
  • Dhaka - Doulatkha
  • Dhaka - Poisarhat
  • Dhaka - Borhanuddin
  • Dhaka - Patabunia
  • Dhaka - Golachipa via Potuakhali
  • Dhaka - Ichuli
  • Dhaka - Jhalakathi
  • Dhaka - Bhola-Khyaghat
  • Dhaka - Kalaia
  • Dhaka - Madaripur via Chandpur - Shurjomoni
  • Dhaka - Vaduria - Patarhat(Bhola)
  • Dhaka - Chandpur
  • Dhaka - Balazabar
  • Dhaka - Ghoserhat
  • Dhaka - Rasulpur
  • Dhaka - Munshiganj
  • Dhaka - Shurjomoni
  • Dhaka - Chormadraj
  • Dhaka - Hatia-Betua(Charfassion)
  • Dhaka - Torki
  • Dhaka - Hularhat via Chandpur-Barishal
  • Dhaka - Sobujbag
  • Dhaka - Dinajpur
  • Dhaka - Chorjalalpur
  • Dhaka - Rangabali-Letrabazar
  • Dhaka - Barguna via Chandpur
  • Dhaka - Wapda - Suressar-Vedergonj - Angaria - Ikkorkandi
  • Dhaka - Ryanda
  • Dhaka - Khaserhat - Vasanchor - Lalkharabad
  • Dhaka - Potuakhali
  • Dhaka - Potuakhali(local)
  • Dhaka - Ramchandrapur/ Bancharampur